Coach Hall Of Fame

Program directors inducted into the TOC Coach Hall of Fame have dedicated immense time and effort to maintaining the Tournament's high competitive standards, and whose students have distinguished themselves in competition. There is no specific quota or annual basis for this award; it is given only to outstanding coaches in exceptional circumstances.

To nominate a coach for the Hall of Fame, please click here in the months leading up to each Tournament of Champions.

Phyllis Barton, Princeton High School  (OH)   ·   1983
Richard B. Sodikow, Bronx High School of Science  (NY)   ·   1984
Ted Belch, Glenbrook North High School  (IL)   ·   1985
Billy Tate, Montgomery Bell Academy  (TN)   ·   1986
Vicki Drinnon, Lake Braddock Secondary School  (VA)   ·   1987
Jeffrey Wortman, Glenbrook North High School  (IL)   ·   1992
Paul Newman, Kinkaid School  (TX)   ·   1993
Alex Pritchard, Greenhill School  (TX)   ·   1993
Daryl Fisher, Isidore Newman School  (LA)   ·   1994
Eric DiMichele, Regis High School  (NY)   ·   1993
Marilee Dukes, Vestavia Hills High School  (AL)   ·   1997
Tim Averill, Manchester High School  (MA)   ·   1998
Les Phillips, Lexington High School  (MA)   ·   2001
Matt Whipple, Glenbrook South High School  (IL)   ·   2003
David P. Baker, St. Mark's School  (TX)   ·   2004
Pam Cady Wycoff, Apple Valley High School  (MN)   ·   2005
Dr. David Glass, Edgemont High School  (NY)   ·   2006
Dave Huston, Colleyville Heritage High School  (TX)   ·   2008
Aaron Timmons, Greenhill School  (TX)   ·   2008
Marie Dzuris, Centerville High School  (OH)   ·   2009
Jenny Achten, Harker School  (CA)   ·   2012
Lisa Miller, Nova High School  (FL)   ·   2014
Mike Wascher, Lake Highland Prep  (FL)   ·   2019
Jane Boyd, Grapevine High School  (TX)   ·   2020
Daryl Burch, McDonogh School  (MD)   ·   2020
Lexy Green, College Preparatory School  (CA)   ·   2021
Ryan Mills, Archbishop Mitty High School  (CA)   ·   2021
Sheryl Kaczmarek, Lexington High School  (MA)   ·   2022
Kevin Hamrick, Montgomery Bell Academy  (TN)   ·   2023

Marie Dzuris  ·  2009 Inductee