Hall of Distinguished Service

​The Hall of Distinguished Service honors those individuals who have given years of their time to make the TOC possible.
They richly deserve our appreciation and recognition for their many years of distinguished service.
Collectively, they have given over 50 years of service to the Tournament.


Marie Dzuris - Director of Debate, Centerville High School  (OH)
David Hingstman - Director of Debate, University of Iowa  (IA)
Chris McDonald - Director of Debate, Eagan High School  (MN)
William Smelko - Director of Debate, Smelko Debate Academy  (CA)
Walter Ulrich - Director of Debate, University of Northern Iowa  (IA)
Minh Luong - Financial Consultant & Former Debate Director  (CT)
Michael Burton - Director of Debate, Eastside Catholic High School  (WA)
Greg Malis - Director of Debate, Isidore Newman High School  (LA)
Aaron Kall - Director of Debate, University of Michigan  (MI)
Marilyn Burke - President, Julia Burke Foundation  (CA)
Chris Palmer - Tabroom Creator, Lexington High School  (MA)
Stefan Bauschard - Director of Debate, Lakeland High School  (NY)
Alexandra Sencer - Director of Debate, Collegiate School  (NY)
Adam Jacobi - Director, Wisconsin High School Forensic Association  (WI)
Linda Barker - Debate Office Manager, University of Kentucky  (KY)